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msi nvidia gtx 970 graphics card

The MSI NVIDIA GTX 970 has long been a popular preference amongst gamers and PC lovers due to its release. Known for its stability of overall performance, power performance, and affordability, this picture card has stood the check of time.

 In this comprehensive evaluation, we can delve into various elements of the MSI GTX 970, consisting of its overall performance, assessment with other manufacturers, motive force updates, VR readiness, and the first-rate video games to play on this card. 

Performance and Specifications

The MSI GTX 970 is based totally on NVIDIA’s Maxwell architecture, which is designed to supply excessive overall performance with reduced electricity intake. Here are some key 


  • CUDA Cores: 1664
  • Base Clock: 1114 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1253 MHz
  • Memory: 4 GB GDDR5
  • Memory Clock: 7010 MHz
  • Memory Interface: 256-bit
  • TDP: 145W

These specifications make the GTX 970 a sturdy card for 1080p and even 1440p gaming. Its Maxwell architecture allows for improved efficiency and cooler operation, which is beneficial for extended gaming sessions.

MSI GTX 970 Review

MSI’s version of the GTX 970 comes with the enterprise’s signature Twin Frozr V cooling answer, which includes twin fans and a heatsink designed to keep the cardboard cool beneath heavy load. This cooling system is thought for its performance and quiet operation.


In terms of performance, the MSI GTX 970 can effortlessly manage maximum modern-day video games in excessive settings. For example, games like “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and “Grand Theft Auto V” run smoothly at 1080p with settings maxed out, frequently maintaining frame fees above 60 FPS. Even at 1440p, the GTX 970 performs admirably, although you may want to dial down some settings in greater worrying titles.


MSI’s Afterburner software program provides a consumer-friendly interface for overclocking the GTX 970. With proper tweaking, users can frequently gain a stable overclock that extensively boosts performance. The Twin Frozr V cooler ensures that temperatures remain possible even when the cardboard is pushed beyond its manufacturing facility settings.

Best Games for MSI GTX 970

The GTX 970 is able to stroll an extensive form of games with tremendous overall performance. Here are a number of the first-class video games to enjoy on this picture card:

  • The Witcher Three: Wild Hunt – Experience this open-global RPG in all its glory with excessive settings and clean frame quotes.
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Enjoy the bustling international of Los Santos with high graphical fidelity and fluid performance.
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Play as Lara Croft with incredible visual outcomes and solid overall performance.
  • Overwatch: Competitive gamers will recognize the GTX 970’s capacity to keep excessive frame quotes for a smooth gaming experience.
  • Fortnite—The GTX 970 effortlessly handles this popular battle royale sport, supplying high frame rates and detailed photos.

MSI GTX 970 vs. Other Brands

When evaluating the MSI GTX 970 from different manufacturers, including ASUS, EVGA, and Gigabyte, several elements come into play,, which include cooling solutions, first-rate construct, and customer support.

Cooling Solutions

  • MSI: Known for its Twin Frozr V cooler, MSI offers excellent cooling and quiet operation.
  • ASUS: The GTX 970 STRIX model features the DirectCU II cooling device, which is also exceptionally efficient and quiet.
  • EVGA offers the ACX 2, a zero-cooling solution that is effective but may be slightly louder beneath load.
  • Gigabyte utilizes the WindForce 3X cooling system, which provides strong cooling but can also absorb greater space because of its triple-fan design.

Build Quality

  • MSI and ASUS are often praised for their superior build quality, stable construction, and top-rate materials.
  •  EVGA and Gigabyte also provide nicely constructed playing cards; however, a few models may additionally feel less sturdy in comparison.

Customer Support

  • Customer aid varies; however, MSI and EVGA are normally recognized for providing reliable and responsive customer service. 
  • ASUS and Gigabyte additionally offer proper guides, although reports can vary depending on the vicinity.

Driver Updates

  • Keeping your GTX 970 drivers updated is critical for preserving the most efficient performance and compatibility with brand-new video games and programs. 
  • NVIDIA regularly releases driver updates that improve performance, repair bugs, and add assistance for new titles.

To update your drivers:

  • Visit the NVIDIA GeForce Drivers page.
  • Enter the details of your Pix card (GeForce GTX 970) and your running machine.
  • Download and deploy the cutting-edge drivers.
  • Alternatively, you may use the GeForce Experience utility, which mechanically notifies you of recent motive force updates and allows for easy setup.

VR Readiness

The MSI GTX 970 is considered the minimal requirement for a first-rate VR experience. It is compatible with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, though users might need to consider newer GPUs for better overall performance.

VR Performance

While the GTX 970 can take care of VR programs, overall performance might also vary depending on the particular recreation or software. More worrying VR titles might require reducing some graphical settings to keep clean performance.


Is the MSI GTX 970 nevertheless true for gaming in 2024?

Yes, the GTX 970 can nevertheless handle many modern games at 1080p with high settings. However, for the latest AAA titles, you may need to lower some settings or upgrade to a more modern GPU for the best experience.

Can the MSI GTX 970 run 4K video games?

The GTX 970 could be better for 4K gaming. While it is able to run some much less worrying titles at 4K, most current games will require substantially reduced settings for playable frame rates.

How do I overclock my MSI GTX 970?

You can use MSI Afterburner to overclock your GTX 970. Increase the middle clock and memory clock incrementally while monitoring temperatures and stability.

What power supply do I want for the MSI GTX 970?

The GTX 970 has a TDP of 145W. A quality 500W strength deliver is generally enough; however, ensure it has the necessary PCIe power connectors and affords stable electricity.

Is the MSI GTX 970 VR-equipped?

Yes, the GTX 970 meets the minimal requirements for VR. However, for the most advantageous VR experience, a more powerful GPU is suggested.


The MSI NVIDIA GTX 970 remains a successful snap shot card for lots of gaming and VR applications, even several years after its release. Its balance of performance and affordability make it a strong choice for gamers looking to revel in wonderful gaming without breaking the financial institution. 

While newer GPUs have exceeded it in terms of uncooked energy, the GTX 970 continues to offer a dependable and fun gaming experience. 

Whether you’re playing conventional titles or diving into VR, the GTX 970 is a testament to the iconic excellence of NVIDIA’s Maxwell architecture and MSI’s exceptional engineering.

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